7 Clever Ways of Promoting Your Business Fan Page

Facebook serves as a lucrative platform for businesses to target potential consumers. With over 845 million monthly active users, Facebook is clearly the place you need to be if you want to market your business. Creating a Facebook Fan Page for your business is easy. The difficult part is to promote it effectively. If you don’t expend your resources on social media monitoring wisely, you may not be able to reap the benefits of social media.

So if you’re looking for easy and clever ways to spread your business/community Fan Page across the masses, then read along. This post will enlighten you with 7 simple and effective ways to promote your Facebook brand/community Page.


1. Personalize Your Fan Page URL:

The first step for proper promotion of your business Fan page is personalizing its URL. The default URL consists of randomly generated numbers that are hard for fans to remember.  By customizing your fan page URL, you can make it unforgettable for the fans. For instance, if your business is related to handbags, you could add an appealing adjective like ‘cool’ or ‘stylish’ to the URL to make it sound ‘in vogue’.


2. Tag Famous Fan Pages:

While sharing interesting news and stuff from other top brand fan pages on your wall, make sure to tag them. You can do this by inserting ‘@’ sign before writing the name of the brand page. By doing so, your post will appear on the brand page you tagged so that their fans can also read it. If you are lucky, you might be able to redirect their fans on to your page.


3. Crosslink Other Social Networks:

Another clever way of promoting your business/community fan page is by linking it with other social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook has even provided an option to link your brand page to your twitter account and market your Facebook fan page to your Twitter followers. Furthermore, you can cross-advertise your brand fan page on your Twitter background images so that your followers can like you on Facebook as well.


4. Use QR Codes:

QR Codes are a novel way of promoting your Facebook fan page. QR Code, short for ‘Quick Response Code’, comprise of black modules arranged in square patterns on a white background. QR codes can hold about 4,300 alphanumeric characters, 7,100 characters of numeric code or 3,000 binary units. They connect people with camera phone and reader software to online information like email, SMS, web site and even Facebook fan page. You can create a QR Code for your fan page that will convert your Facebook ‘Likes’ into leads.


5. Promote Via Blog Posts:

At present, there are thousands of weblogs on the internet that provide high quality content/information to the internet users. They have a well-set reputation with their readers and are a great platform to promote our business/community fan page on. You can solicit top blogs related to your business to write a blog post about your company and link the Fan Page.


6. Add a Widget on Your Website:

One of the biggest places that most companies overlook for promotion is their own website. You can market your business fan page on your own backyard by adding a ‘Like Box’ widget to the sidebar of your business website. For that, simply go to the ‘Social Plug-in Page’ provided by Facebook and create your customized widget. Next, copy paste the code generated onto your website where you want it to be shown.


7. Use The ‘Resources’ Tab:

Last but not least, don’t forget to check the ‘Resources Tab’ provided by Facebook. For that, you need to go to ‘Edit Page’ and click on the ‘Resources Tab’. It consists of several ways of promoting your fan page. You can send invites to your friends via email to ‘Like’ your business fan page. You can post ads on Facebook from there as well.


By using the above mentioned ways, you can easily promote your brand fan page and increase your business presence on Facebook. We will be featuring more new ways of promoting Facebook fan pages so stay tuned.

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