Top 10 Hollywood Movie Fan Pages on Facebook!

People on Facebook love to display their fondness for things to their friends. They would ‘Like’ a particular page just so that it appears in the ‘Interests Section’ of their profile. From brands to celebrities on Facebook, the average Facebook user ‘Likes’ nine pages. It is highly certain that some of those pages are of their favorite movies. Almost every Hollywood blockbuster movie has a fan page. Whether you are an epic lover, or just fond of comedy films, you will find all of them on Facebook with a considerable fan following.

Hollywood movie fan pages not only let users ‘Like’ their favorite movie, it also keeps them updated with any sequel that might be coming. Moreover, the Producers of the movie can use Facebook fan page as a platform to sell their merchandise to the fans. Through social media analysis of a Facebook fan page, Directors and Producers can also ascertain what their audience anticipates in future movies.

Today, SocialDon brings you a list of top 10 Hollywood Movie fan pages on Facebook based on fan following. Go through and check out how many of your favorite Hollywood movies are on the blockbuster list.


1. Harry Potter

Total Fans: 43,392,612
People Talking About: 389,311


2. The Twilight Saga

Total Fans:31,527,610
People Talking About:558,731


3. Avatar

Total Fans:28,822,907
People Talking About:323,198


4. Toy Story

Total Fans:28,523,154
People Talking About:151,022


5. Shrek

Total Fans:23,444,784
People Talking About:396,926


6. The Hangover

Total Fans:18,392,112
People Talking About:111,391


7. Fast & Furious

Total Fans:16,955,064
People Talking About: 383,496


8. Saw

Total Fans: 15,211,008
People Talking About: 159,153


9. Pirates of the Caribbean

Total Fans: 15,116,418
People Talking About: 169,138


10. Transformers

Total Fans: 43,392,612
People Talking About: 389,311


Which of these Hollywood movies did you ‘Like’ on Facebook?

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