5 Proven Strategies to Convert Facebook Likes Into Leads!

So you’ve managed to earn 1000 likes on your company’s Facebook FanPage…big deal!!! But if your sales don’t commensurate with those numbers, then it is simply useless. This is because the number of likes on Facebook should play a role in generating leads and traffic to the core business. The real metrics of Social Media Monitoring include statistics such as clicks, views, user engagement and conversion rate.

There are times when your competitor generates more leads than you even though they have less number of likes on their Facebook FanPage. Therefore, not only you must evaluate your own Facebook statistics, but also keep track of your competitor’s Social Media Analytics.

Now comes the question how to convert your likes into genuine and hardcore leads? Below I list 5 proven tactics which can surely turn your Facebook likes into sales leads and traffic.


1. Apply Incentive-based ‘Like Gate’:

One of the most innovative techniques of generating Facebook likes directly into leads is the use of ‘Like-Gate’. A Like-gate is a kind of barrier that requires a user to "Like" your Facebook FanPage in order to access certain parts of content. Not only do they convert new visitors into likes, they also help in converting new likes into sales leads. Use your like gate to initially turn new page visitors into fans. Once they like you, present them with a valuable content offer that they can obtain directly from a form on your page


2. Share Landing Pages on Wall:

Another simple yet effective tactic of lead conversion on Facebook is to share landing pages on you wall. While updating your FanPage wall with valuable content and other posts, don’t forget to incorporate links to your product/service landing page for lead generation. This can be done by adding an eye-catching widget with a content that produces Call-to-Action (CTA) among the users.


3. Keep Exclusive Offers for Fans:

Users on Facebook look forward to finding exclusive content on a company’s FanPage. You can exploit this to your advantage by giving unique content that users can download exclusively from your Facebook FanPage. Also use targeted landing page on this exclusive content and share it on your wall. This will entice your fans to like your page and also visit the landing page that will ultimately generate leads.


4. Utilize Vacant Space for Promotion:

The new Facebook interface offers a clean and spacious look to your business FanPage. But many a times, brands and companies neglect using a few places on their Facebook page. These are the spots that can be exploited to promote your offers. For instance, you can display your latest offer in the ‘profile picture’. You can also add links to your landing pages in the ‘Info’ section.


5. Make Customized Tabs for Offers:

One of the best features of Facebook FanPages is that you can customize them. The new Facebook offers its users to develop custom page tabs which are a great means of promoting your offers. In order to convert your likes into leads, create a tab to emphasize your exclusive offers. Customized tabs can be used to enlist your most attractive offers.

Do you know any other strategies that can convert Facebook Likes into guaranteed leads?? If so, do share with us.

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