New FaceBook Themes – Personalize your Facebook

If twitter and Orkut can offer personalized themes to its clients and customers then why can’t Facebook do the same? Personalization of themes gives can strengthen the bond with customers. There are many users who want to have separate themes and skins as compared to others. They always like the concept of “getting something different from others”. Keeping this ideology in mind today’s post is based upon the themes offered by Facebook to its customers. These themes can be updated as well. After all, Facebook itself keeps on updating new things and features for its loyal customers. Similarly, these skins can be updated with the passage of time and preference by the user.

There are different kinds of themes available for Facebook. They range from funky to multi colored and decent skins and themes. I am sure you will love more than one theme for yourself. If you are a Mario Bros, Simpsons, Batman or Spider Man’s fan then you will love it.  It is very important to have a look at those themes before making a final selection; therefore, for all you Facebook freaks and fans out there, following is a collection of Facebook themes and skins. Do share your opinions and ideas.


1. Blacked Out Facebook Themes


2. Galaxy Blue, Facebook Themes


3. FB Light Rainbow Facebook Themes


4. Hello Pinky Style Facebook Themes


5. Paris Night Facebook Themes


6. Special For you…! Facebook Themes


7. Dark Matter Facebook Themes


8. Shinysun_HD Facebook Themes


9. Leo Skin Cool Facebook Themes


10. The Vampire Diaries Red Facebook Themes


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