10 Interesting Facebook Infographics – Statistics Visualized!

Did you know that Facebook racked up $3.711 billion in revenues last year? Not only that, there were 845 million monthly active users (MAU) in December 2011. All these interesting statistics are inconceivable yet true. Moreover, they are vital to know from a brand’s perspective. This is because social media has become one of the most effective platforms for business promotion. Recent study reveals that 30% of B2B marketers are spending millions of dollars on social media marketing yearly. One has to, not only analyze their own performance on Facebook, but also keep track of their competitors’ social media analytics.

For most people, reading statistics and figures is boring. But if the same statistics are attractively visualized, they become interesting to interpret and analyze. One cool way of visualizing heaps of information is called ‘Infographics’. As the name suggests, Infographics are ‘information put in a graphical manner’. They are also an ideal way to learn Facebook analytics of top brands. Facebook, being a leader in social networking, has amassed considerable achievements and feats that it might take days to read all about it. So, the best way to learn these statistics is via infographics.

That is why SocialDon.com being an expert in social media monitoring, brings you a collection of 10 interesting Facebook Infographics that reveal some of the most fascinating facts about the world’s most popular social networking site.


1. Facebook 2012


2. Facebook Factbook


3. Facebook Facts and Figures


4. Facebook Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


5. The State of Brands on Facebook


6. The Anatomy of a Fan


7. How Facebook Generates Business for Companies


8. The History of Advertising on Facebook


9. The Business Behind Facebook


10. Amazing Facebook Statistics


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