20 Funny and Interesting Facebook Status!!

Facebook is an everyday need nowadays. Users are addicted to Facebook. When they don’t have anything to do, they have Facebook to check their friend’s statuses, pictures and last but definitely not the least, and they have funny statuses to update. These days the concept of creating funny and interesting Facebook statuses is at its peak. Be it a guy or a girl, both keep on updating their statuses with funny one liners or interesting facts.

Following are few attention-grabbing Facebook statuses which will definitely bring smile to your lips, after all they have already managed to make a herd laugh out loud (LOL).

Enjoy the post and share, if you have any nice ones, by commenting!


Status 1

Status 2

Status 3

Status 4

Status 5

Status 6

Status 7

Status 8

Status 9

Status 10

Status 11

Status 12

Status 13

Status 14

Status 15

Status 16

Status 17

Status 18

Status 19

Status 20


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