10 Funny Facebook Facts – An Accurate Analysis!!

Social network sites are very popular these days. Facebook is undoubtedly the most famous social website that gives a platform to every individual to get connected with friends, family members and colleagues. With the increasing popularity and usage of facebook, we get to read interesting jokes and pranks about facebook on different sites and blogs. Well, these funny facts are true about facebook and how people being addicted to it.

1. Facebook is for Time Wasters

Many individuals think and believe that Facebook is of no good and there are many people who simply waste their time over Facebook. They also think that when those people have nothing to do they simply log on to their facebook accounts and start to post baseless stasuses.

2. Social Life in Isolation? A fool’s Paradise

Many people think that by adding numerous people from different parts of the world can make them socially active. But they mostly don’t know that social life means to be practically and physically involved with other invidiauls and not with the help of cyber space. There are many individuals who think that they don’t need to go out and make friends because they have 100’s of friends at facebook, which is funny – as most of the friends at facebook have fake ids as well.

3. Do you really know “Who is who on Facebook”?

These days there is a craze in youngsters that they want to add every single person whose display picture is liked by them. They forget that there are millions of individuals who create fake accounts and log on to facebook. At the end of the day they come to know that they wasted all those hours that were spent on impressing those fake ids.

4. Weird Choice of Facebook Users

It is simply getting insane as many individuals post different requests on different forums at facebook. They want to add or remove buttons. It has been seen that since some time many users are implying that the “Dislike” button must be introduced by facebook. Would it make any difference? After all it is a site if you don’t like anything on it do you have to yell it loud that you don’t support I or like it?

5. Keeps you Away from Studies

It is a fact that facebook is just like an addiction no one can stay away from it. Similarly students can not stay away from it and they spend good number of hours doing unimportant things at facebook. Many universities and schools have carried out campaigns against facebook as well in different parts of the world.

6. Unbearable Side effects of using Facebook

The funniest thing is that many of the professionals have lost their jobs because of the stupidity made by them. They posted weird stuff on their facebook profile which was noticed by their peers and they made their fun, as a result they lost their jobs because of non serious behavior that was expected from them. Facebook is causing unemployment for many users.

7. Stalkers get a Life!

Many guys spend most of their time in stalking on other girls profiles. Few individuals also stalk on their ex’s profiles to keep a track of what they are doing in their lives either by getting dumped by them or by dumping them. Some get surprises after getting to know about their ex whereas other get shocks and face traumas.

8. Wasting Time At Facebook

If you don’t know what to do and don’t know how to pass time the best thing in that scenario would be logging on to facebook account and you will be amazed that hours will pass and you will not know where the time passed. This is the reason why most of the youngsters do not apply for jobs because they are over occupied with facebook and its applications.

9. Studies and Facebook can’t go hand in hand

Many students these days face concentration issues. They can not concentrate on their studies. Why? Because they have computers in their rooms and on computers they can not avoid facebook. The moment they try to study they get distracted by the facebook and lon on to their accounts to waste their time.

10. Weird concepts of Facebook

There is a craze of liking irrelevant things at facebook. People hit the “like” button just like that. They usually don’t know anything about the celebrity, artist or technology but even then they press like button. Its funny in a way to like things that they don’t know about.


One thought on “10 Funny Facebook Facts – An Accurate Analysis!!

  1. Time management is becoming an issue because a lot of people spend a quarter of their time in social networks. We should teach kids and ourselves to deal with time management in the age of social networking, since we already see how education is being affected ( less so in countries that control FB, like China ). Their censorship has become a social experiment that tells us how time management can help make the world a better place.

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