Top 8 Facebook Fashion Applications of 2012

“Fashion passes, style remains…” came from the lady who revolutionized the fashion industry in the early 20th century. I’m sure all the fashionistas not only recognize this timeless Chanel quote but also agree with it. However, there are people for whom comfort and style are synonymous and fashion is an alien concept. For such people, here is what we have to say:

Fashion In The Age of Facebook

Where social media has affected our communication, entertainment and other facets of life, it is now revolutionizing the fashion industry and making it more approachable and affordable for everyone.

Whether you want to refine your looks or upgrade your wardrobe, Facebook brings you fashion assistance that can be used anywhere and at anytime. There are all sorts of apps that can be used on this social network or downloaded on your iPhones/Android phones. These apps are time-saving in their approach yet very addictive for fashion enthusiasts.

The list we have created today includes some of the best fashion apps that you can find on Facebook. These apps are great resources to rediscover style, shopping stuff on the go, and to flaunt your knowledge of the latest trends and happening of the fashion world.


• Gilt Groupe

With this app, you will always be on the know of all great deals for the best fashion products. The best feature is that you can enlarge the photos to an extent where you can scrutinize every part of the item before making up your mind to purchase.


• ASOS Marketplace

Download this app to purchase awesome stuff from UK’s largest online retailer They not only let you browse all the items for sale but also let you view them in 360 degrees. As if that wasn’t enough, they also let you sell your stuff as a designer so you can satiate your aesthetic sense by sharing it with the world.


• Go Try It On!

If you’re one of those who have a hard time in deciding whether they want to buy a certain item or not and always rely on second opinions, here is an absolutely fantabulous app for you. using this app you can upload the item you’re considering and get opinion from other application users from around the globe. Best Application Friend Forever.


• StyleBook App

StyleBook is truly your personal style network. It’s not just any app to find shopping items easily, this app lets you network with like-minded people. You can discover new ideas as well as sharing your style sense with other fashionistas out there. Best bit is the chance to compete for the Top Style contest.


• Pose

Find your daily style inspiration by following celebrities, stylists and bloggers. It is indeed a never-ending stream of quality fashion inspiration. You can tag items with their prices so that fellow community fashionistas would know where to buy that product from.


• Fashism

Love it or leave it; Fashism let’s you upload looks that can be voted for or against by the application users from around the world. The application let’s you post questions or get advice whenever and wherever you need it. Simple, right?


• OpenSky

Using OpenSky? Then truly sky’s the limit when it comes to your fashion options. Shop with them and follow celebrities and experts to find exclusive sales. An amazing curation of delightfully cheap fashion products!


• Fashiolista

Again, save and share your best fashion finds from the internet. This app lets you save all your coveted fashion products in one place just by clicking a love button. Your personal profile on Fashiolista will become the ultimate wish list of items that you love or which simply inspire you.

In the end, let us know which other great fashion apps you use on Facebook and what your fashion resolutions are for the New Year.

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