Key Benefits of Facebook Timeline for Brand FanPages

Everyone who is active on Facebook must be aware of the ‘Timeline’ feature for personal profiles. Launched in September last year, the Timeline function has transformed the way people share stuff with their friends on Facebook. It enables a user to tell his/her Facebook journey in a chronological fashion. But this amazing feature was only limited to profiles and could not be applied on brand and community pages.

However, considering the immense success of ‘Timeline’ interface, Facebook is planning to apply it on brand/community pages as well. After revealing Facebook Insights for social media monitoring, Timeline is Facebook’s attempt to make profiles, and now brands and communities, appear more realistic. It enables them to reveal their existence, origins and history. In short, Timeline tells a story. So when a person views a timeline, they experience a “storyteller feel”. Previously, businesses could not share their brand journey with their fans. But with the new Timeline feature, it enables an admin to tell his/her brand’s journey.


Key Benefits of Timeline for Brands:

The Facebook Timeline feature for brand Fanpages has been introduced to give companies an interactive and resourceful interface. Check out the key benefits that it has to provide for businesses:

• Create Identities: Timeline interface was introduced on personal profiles to enable users to create their personal identities. Similarly, brands can also establish their brand identities by narrating their life stories.

• New Admin Panel: On the new interface, you can open your admin panel directly instead of navigating to another page to make changes, updates or improvements. The panel shows complete social media analytics of your company FanPage.

• Chronological View: The timeline feature lets brands showcase their unique stories and rich history in a year-wise chronology.

• New Cover Photo: With the new interface, the cover photo has been significantly enhanced as brands can easily display their logos, products or personalities.

• Highlight Posts: With the revamped interface, brand FanPages can now feature (or highlight) page updates. Highlighting an update will push it to the top of the timeline stream permitting users to view important content(s).

• Private Messaging: The new interface provides a unique feature of allowing fans to privately message the FanPage admin.

• 3D Perspective: The Timeline theme for FanPages lets brands show their famous storylines from different angles and provide a 3 dimensional experience to the users.


Examples of Famous Brand Pages Using Timeline:


1. Cola Cola Facebook FanPage Timeline


2. Starbucks Facebook FanPage Timeline


3. Harley-Davidson Facebook FanPage Timeline


4. Toyota Facebook FanPage Timeline


5. Manchester United Facebook FanPage Timeline


6. Verizon Facebook FanPage Timeline


7. AT&T Facebook FanPage Timeline


8. Red Bull Facebook FanPage Timeline


9. Walmart Facebook FanPage Timeline


10. MTV Facebook FanPage Timeline


11. Tiffany & Co Facebook FanPage Timeline


12. Subway Facebook FanPage Timeline


13. Taco Bell Facebook FanPage Timeline


14. Magnolia Bakery Facebook FanPage Timeline


15. Ben & Jerry’s Facebook FanPage Timeline


16. Macys Facebook FanPage Timeline


17. Facebook FanPage Timeline


18. Nike Facebook FanPage Timeline


19. Lexus Facebook FanPage Timeline


20. Xbox Facebook FanPage Timeline

Do you think that the new Timeline feature will be useful for brand FanPages?

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