11 Best Fast Food Timelines on Facebook – A Feisty Experience!!

Do you get tempted with fast food chains out there? There are numerous chains out there which offer you plenty of reasons to forget about your weight and focus on that yummy food item, leaving all the important things wait for the moment. This is one of the greatest reasons why you can find so many fans of different fast food chains over Facebook and other social websites. Every fast food chain has created its fan page specifically over Facebook. Fan pages are designed and decorated with mouthwatering pictures of food products that they serve and make you want more..

Keeping same thing in mind this post is all about some great and famous fast food chains’ fan pages and timelines which make visitors instantly order the deals offered or visit the fast food chain to fulfill their “hunger” desires. Following are 11 Mouth-Watering Fan Page timelines to tempt you to grab something to eat immediately ;)


1. Burger King

2. Cici’s Pizza

3. Domino’s Pizza

4. Dunkin Donuts

5. Hardees

6. KFC

7. Mc Donald’s

8. Papa John’s

9. Pizza Hut

10. Subway

11. Wendy’s


I hope you are feeling hungry and tempted after going through these delicious pictures.

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