Facebook Analytics of Top 10 Brands – Interesting FanPage Statistics!

All over the world, Facebook is the most preferred social media platform on the internet. It is ranked on 2nd position (after Google) by Alexa in its global rankings of the top websites. Nowadays, all the top brands and companies are solidifying their online presence through FanPages, in order to reap the benefits of Facebook. According to one study, 93% of Facebook users hit the “Like” button at least monthly. This shows the significance of Social Media Monitoring in today’s digital world.

Ever thought how new businesses and start-ups set benchmarks for themselves? Well, the technical definition of benchmarking is to comparing one’s business performance to the best in the industry. In the case of Facebook FanPages, you compare your social media analytics with top brands. By analyzing Facebook statistics of top brands, you can learn various social media strategies that you can implement for your own company.

In order to educate our readers about the progress of top 10 brands on Facebook, we present some interesting statistics via graphs. These statistics include total number of fans, talkability, weekly fan growth monthly fan growth and monthly active users.

• Total Fans of Top 10 Brands

• Weekly Fan Growth of Top 10 Brands

• Monthly Active Users of Top 10 Brands

• Talkability of Top 10 Brands

• Monthly Fan Growth of Top 10 Brands

Which other top brands Facebook Analytics would you like to know? Do let us know and SocialDon will gladly provide you with the up-to-date Statistics of your favorite brands FanPages.

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