10 Super tools for Facebook analytics!


The utility of Facebook for businesses is nothing unknown these days. Facebook pages, company walls, etc are various ways of having a presence in this powerful social media website. However, companies and businesses often need to conduct analytics about the number of visitors, comments, views, etc about their Facebook pages.

Many other companies have identified this requirement, and are offering this information for companies’ Facebook pages. Some of these that have done a great job at this include the following:

1. Pagelever

Facebook Analytics

This website offers great insights about your Facebook page. It consists of detailed fan profiling of your page, as per the age, gender, and other demographics of your fans. It also offers a 14-day free trial period, and various plans to suit the needs of various big and small businesses.

2. Simply Measured

Facebook Analytics

This analytics tool promises a great presentation of analytics insights for your Facebook page. It provides excel-based reports and web views so that entire reports can be shared with a team. It also helps marketers publish this data to power point presentations in just a click!

3. EdgeRank Checker

Facebook Analytics

This analytics tool promises increased exposure and fan engagement, and offers straightforward, easy-to-understand analytical metrics. It also provides overall industry reports, and not just reports pertaining to the business, and also provides tools for analyzing individual posts. It offers both a free plan and a pro-plan that offers additional features.

4. Buddy Media

Facebook Analytics

Buddy Media is a more comprehensive analytics tool that indicates a brand’s engagement across social networks. It works by assigning every brand a numerical score between 0 and 100 that indicates how well the brand measures against others in the industry. It also provides performance metrics for social media marketing efforts, activities taking place on a company’s social media profile, and also provides weekly email updates on performance.

5. SocialDon

Facebook Analytics

This is one of the new but most reliable analytics tools that offer an unlimited free trial period. It provides insights for Facebook, monitoring the fan engagement. Besides competitor analysis, it also generates graphical reports for your business.

6. Unilyzer

Facebook Analytics

Unilyzer offers you several different packages that enable you to track a single or multiple fan pages. In addition to a free trial, it offers social media trending, side-by-side comparisons, and a UniScore that looks at the quality of your social networks, referral rate, and the quality of visits.

7. SEOmoz Pro

Facebook Analytics
SEOmoz Pro allows you to connect both a Facebook page or Twitter account. It primarily offers SEO services, but also offers social analytics tools.

8. Webtrends

Facebook Analytics
Webtrends uses Facebook data for analytics purposes. It allows you to compare multiple brands, correlate any number of dimensions or measures, create custom reports and navigate available data.

9. Clickable

Facebook Analytics

This analytics tool is more appropriate for advertisers. It offers effective management and great analysis for Facebook Ads.
Have you gotten a chance to use any of these tools?

How was your experience?

3 thoughts on “10 Super tools for Facebook analytics!

  1. A little odd, when a Facebook analytics provider lists some of its own competitors. However, most services here are pursuing different goals. While Pagelever and Edgerankchecker are focusing on optimizing own Facebook pages; Clickable, Webtrends and SEOmoz Pro are clearly no Facebook analytics experts. Obviously its a nice addon no more, no less. Also Simply Measured is kind of special, focusing on delivering nice reports. Buddy Media keeps a lot of social tools at hand, but it is more a tool for enterprises. Unilyzer claims to be a social media dashboard, offering many features more than just Facebook analytics. So, which services are left? Only one – SocialDon, your own service. That’s an odd thing. Because you totaly missed out the most known Facebook analytics providers like AllFacebook Stats and Socialbakers.

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