8 Elements that Make a Successful Brand Fan Page!

If you think that Facebook is simply a means of procrastination, then you are totally mistaken. In today’s socially active world, Facebook is one of the most crowded marketplaces for business promotion with over 845 million users. Current social media analytics suggest that there are over one billion Facebook posts per day out of which 36% of social media users post brand-related content.

But not every business page is capable of making the right impact on its fans. Ever wondered why? Well the answer is simple…they lack the elements that make a successful fan page. Not every business owner comprehends the mechanism of creating a fan page on Facebook. That is why SocialDon, being an expert in social media monitoring, brings you 8 elements that makes a successful brand fan page.


1. Hold Contests:

One of the most interesting ways of engaging your fan page users is by holding contests. Start a competition every now and then for your fans by offering prizes and other freebies. By holding regular contests, you keep your fan page dynamic and lively with frequent activity.

2. Allow Commerce Transactions:

What good is your business fan page if your Facebook Likes are not converted into leads? Another vital characteristic of a successful brand fan page is the ability to carry out commerce activities. Allow your fans to access and order products directly from the Facebook page. This will give them the freedom and convenience of transacting with you.

3. Games and Apps:

Did you know that 53% of all Facebook users play games on the social networking site? Popular Facebook games have made users addicted to games and apps that keep them on the site for hours. In order to make your fan page more successful, businesses can launch industry-focused games and apps to keep them engaged.

4. Start Polls:

Asking questions is another cool way of interacting with your brand page fans. You can start polls by asking questions related to your business or concerning a particular hot topic. Most users like to share their views on burning issues. Polls can also be shared by your users to their friends that will increase the reach your fan page.

5. Discount Coupons:

Studies have shown that 40% users Like a company’s page to receive discounts and promotions. In order to make your business fan page more appealing to the users, offer discount coupons that are exclusively for your fans. This will act as an incentive for the users to like your page as they will get a free concession on future transactions.

6. Post News on R&D:

According to latest researches, 33% users Like a company’s page to get updates on future products. That is why it is essential for a successful brand page to post news related to future product developments. Highlight the major products and services that you plan on offering in the near future so that the customers can remain inquisitive.

7. Informative Content:

Fan pages that only market their own products and services are not really preferred by Facebook users. Rather than just providing product related information, try updating your status with real informative content that offers value to the users. For instance, if you have a pharmacy business, describe the best home remedies to cure diseases without having to use medicines.

8. Interesting Multimedia:

There are over 5 billion pieces of content shared each week on Facebook out of which 3 billion are photos and images. People prefer seeing images rather than reading mere content. That is why sharing of informative multimedia (images & videos) is an integral part of building your business fan page. You can post interesting infographics or share related images for the fans to enjoy.

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