New Calling Feature in Facebook Messenger – No. 1 Mobile App in US

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook app that left Google Maps behind in October, 2012, as the most used mobile app in US, is still holding onto the top position even after months, according to data released on Wednesday last week by comScore Mobile Metrix.

The Wednesday before that, Facebook had also introduced the feature of voice calls to be used by the millions of customers in the US. So far, the feature is available for iPhone users only and works when the caller and recipient both have the Facebook Messenger App installed on their phones. They don’t, however, need to update anything as the “free calling” button simply appears in their existing Messenger App.

Facebook Mobile App

It may be a giant step for Facebook in its extension as an all-encompassing mobile App but it has some long-standing competitors in the industry. Viber as well as Skype, offers free calls, instant messages and photos around the globe on cellular and wi-fi from iOS, android and windows phone devices. On iOS, especially, there is a feature FaceTime which provides free face to face video calling.

The Facebook Messenger is a stand-alone app developed by the company, hoping to establish itself as invincible, something it has enjoyed for many months now. According to social media analytics, there’s been a strong growth with about 85.5 million unique users in the US, during the last few months of 2012.

Facebook Apps

How is your experience of the new voice call feature of Facebook Messenger app so far? Were it available, would you have preferred to use it to call friends worldwide? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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