16 Attractive Brand Pages Using Cover photos on Facebook

Facebook is very addictive. This concept has been proved worldwide. There are different brands which have started their promotions and campaigns over the Facebook. To their surprise, they have received a great response from existing and potential customers. People like to join different pages and communities over Facebook just to get the latest updates from their favorite brands, celebrities and products. It is very essential for a brand to show its appearance over the Facebook so that people may get aware of the different deals and news about the brands and their products.
Following is a collection of some amazing and awe-inspiring cover pages which are created and updated by different brands in order to attract more and more customers. The cover pages look undeniably great and this is the reason why most of the pages have gained the number of likes within last month. The pages have closely being monitored by the moderators and administrators of the pages. According to them the greater the cover page looks the higher are chances of getting it liked by individuals.
Enjoy the post and share your comments over the following cover images which are used to beautify the time line of the page. These cover images are worth noticing in terms of making your brand look better.

At & T


Coca Cola


Cold Play








Harley Davidson








Manchester United


New York Times






Red Bull




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