6 Hidden Advantages of Facebook like Button

Social media is playing a vital role in personal and professional lives of individuals undoubtedly. There are many businesses which are reaching to their clients through the help of Facebook. Facebook is playing a great role in multiplying the users and customers to any business. No matter what your business is, you can easily make an ad and place it at facebook to see the responses from the individuals using Facebook all around the world. Good businessmen are extracting full advantages of Facebook in many ways. But today we will discuss about the 6 evident advantages that can be gained from Facebook’s “like button”.

1. Personal Liking as they say!

Facebook Like Button

Just like the word “Like” which means affinity, a visitor who visits to your page and presses like, tells that he is interested in your product and services. A good businessman along with an efficient workforce can get personal with the client, by dropping a courteous message to the client or promptly answering any query raised by him. This is a great way to strengthen bond with your customer.

2. Engaging your audience is easy

Facebook Like Button

According to a survey conducted by Facebook it is concluded that a Facebook user who actively likes different pages and presses “Like buttons” has twice as much friends as compared to the user who is less active in hitting the “Like Buttons”. This way a use who clicks on the like button has more referrals and friends who get to see your page and come to know about your brand name.

3. Advertising at its best

Facebook Like Button

Facebook has turned its marketing and ad placement preferences just perfect. Now a company can filter each and every part of the demographics and market its product through Facebook. Facebook’s “like button” exactly gets the audience and market required by the company. So there is no problem and hassle of marketing yourself on other mediums as well. It is a proven fact that people are largely using Facebook these days.

4. Reach your prospective clients

Facebook Like Button

I am not sure whether most of you have noticed it or not but once any individual (visitor) likes your page by clicking at “Like Button”; he will automatically be added to your fan base. After that with the help of administrative console you can shoot emails to all the fans those who have hit the like button on your product or service. This way you don’t have to purchase any emailing software to target unknown and unrealistic customers, Facebook’s “Like Button” will do the trick for you.

5. Increased Traffic to Webpage

Facebook Like Button

It is a fact that placing Facebook’s Like Button’s code is really easy. Whether you are interested in placing this button on your blog, web page or company’s profile it is very easy to do so. Even there are hundreds of easy tutorials both at Facebook and other streaming sites where you can get the instructions about “how to add like button”. Once the like button is placed the traffic of your website or web page will automatically increase.

6. Get acquainted with “Insights” through Likes

Facebook Like Button

“Insights” is basically an analytical section associated with every Facebook page. It helps the administrator to access what is going on his page. He can access the demographics such as location, gender and age of the users and customers. This really helps in the process of market research.

The above mentioned points have personally and professionally helped many individuals in gaining more customers, much attention and in short a lot of revenue. If tapped properly, these pointers can lead to great business. Facebook’s Like Button is of great importance for those who want to bring a positive change to their businesses!


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