2013 In Review: Facebook Reveals Top Viral Content


Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bing, Yahoo! – almost all of the major social media sites and search engines have sifted through their treasure troves of content data to come up with the most popular search trends of 2013. Facebook, especially, has categorized them separately into local (within the United States) and international Top Tens in its end-of-the-year report. Incredibly, it also allows the users to create their own stories using the best status updates, photos and check-ins at a complementary site; i.e. Facebook Stories.

It’s true that social media attracts most engagement through its visual content. Videos and images had been central during the past twelve months. Along with it all, textual content played a major role to support ideas and trends. But, whether things went viral through text or images, the overall tone and feel of the subject was almost always one of hilarity rather than somberness. From Harlem Shake to Grumpy Cat, people love to follow the unusual and the funny.

From the video above and the list below, you will see that some entries of the most searched content are related to the famous personalities who passed away in 2013. The deceased who left us grieving last year belonged to various fields. From politics to film industry, they includes celebrities as powerful as Margaret Thatcher and as loving as Cory Monteith.

Here are the lists compiled by Facebook for its most viral content within and outside the United States:


Most Viral Facebook Content in the U.S. – 2013

Most Viral Facebook Content of 2013 in US


Most Viral Facebook Content Worldwide – 2013


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